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BRZ/FRS/GT86 MAF Scaling

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If you’ve installed an aftermarket intake, you’re gonna want to scale your MAF to ensure the engine knows how much air is coming in. MAF scaling not only helps with reliability but also performance. Included with our MAF scaling service, you also receive everything we offer Custom Tune services. MAF Scaling will require data logging and potentially a little back and forth to ensure everything is correct.

  • Multiple log reviews to ensure accurate MAF scale
  • Restore High Rev Coldstart
  • Pop Tune and Non Pop Version Included
  • Corrections for e85 files

Don’t know where to find your CAL ID? Click here.

Tuning an ECU should only be done if you are aware of potential consequences. And you take 100% responsibility of those consequences. Not trying to scare you.. just… formalities 😉


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aFe/Takeda, Grimspeed, Other, Perrin


S10C, 500D, 700B, 700C, 700D, 700G, 700J, 700K, 700l, 900C, 900D, A00C, A00D, A00G, A00J, A00K, A00l, A01A, A01C, A01D, A01E, A01F, A01G, A01I, A01K, A01N, A02A, A02B, A02G, A02I, A02J, A02K, A02N, A03N, B00C, B00D, B01C, B01D, D00C, D00D, D00G, E00I, F00C, F00D, F20P, F30J, F40C, F40D, K00C, K00D, K01I, N10C, N10D, S00C

Tune Stage

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2+, Stage 2+ E85

Pop Tune

No, Yes

Launch Control Limit

2000RPM, 2500RPM, 3000RPM, 3500RPM, 4000RPM, 4500RPM, 5000RPM, Automatic Transmission, Disable Launch Control, No Change

Launch Control Disable Speed

3 MPH, 4 MPH, 5 MPH, 6 MPH, 7 MPH, 8 MPH, 9 MPH, Automatic Transmission, No Change

Exhaust Setup

Axleback, Axleback + Catless Frontpipe + Stock/Catted Header, Axleback + Catted Frontpipe/Catless Header, Axleback + Completely Catless, Stock

Restore Coldstart

No, Yes

Add Sticker?

No, Yes – Large Box Logo (+$5.00 Free Shipping), Yes – Large Purple Rain (+$5.00 Free Shipping), Yes – Regular Holographic Box Logo (+5.00 Free Shipping)

2 reviews for BRZ/FRS/GT86 MAF Scaling

  1. Abel P (verified owner)

    After mods, stage1 and MAF issues, I reached out for help. Degenerate Motoring did a magnificent job ironing out my MAF issues. Very knowledgeable professionals, took only a few logs to get my BRZ running top notch!

  2. Paul Joseph Castro (verified owner)

    After having my intake kit installed on my 14 BRZ, I wasn’t feeling all I wanted to feel from the standard OTS tunes, so I did my research and found this. Let me tell you that this was probably the and quickest and best etuning I’ve experienced! Now my BRZ is running as I expected and I’m having a lot more fun with her! Really great service from these guys here! I 10/10 recommend if you still run an OFT!!!!!

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