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BRZ/FRS/GT86 Crawford Power Block Open Flash Tablet Tune

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This tune will allow you to get the most out of your Power Blocks while ensuring safe and reliable operation of your engine.

What’s included with the tune?

  • Changes made to accommodate the power blocks
  • Adjustments to Launch Control
  • Backfire/Pop Tune File (includes non-pop as well)
  • Restore High Rev Coldstart
  • Log viewing after tune

Need to also scale the MAF for an aftermarket intake? Click here.

Don’t know where to find your CAL ID? Click here.

Tuning an ECU should only be done if you are aware of potential consequences. And you take 100% responsibility of those consequences. Not trying to scare you.. just… formalities 😉

Additional information


S10C, 500D, 700B, 700C, 700D, 700G, 700J, 700K, 700l, 900C, 900D, A00C, A00D, A00G, A00J, A00K, A00l, A01A, A01C, A01D, A01E, A01F, A01G, A01I, A01K, A01N, A02A, A02B, A02G, A02I, A02J, A02K, A02N, A03N, B00C, B00D, B01C, B01D, D00C, D00D, D00G, E00I, F00C, F00D, F20P, F30J, F40C, F40D, K00C, K00D, K01I, N10C, N10D, S00C

Tune Stage

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2+, Stage 2+ E85

Pop Tune

No, Yes

Launch Control Limit

2000RPM, 2500RPM, 3000RPM, 3500RPM, 4000RPM, 4500RPM, 5000RPM, Automatic Transmission, Disable Launch Control, No Change

Launch Control Disable Speed

3 MPH, 4 MPH, 5 MPH, 6 MPH, 7 MPH, 8 MPH, 9 MPH, Automatic Transmission, No Change

Exhaust Setup

Axleback, Axleback + Catless Frontpipe + Stock/Catted Header, Axleback + Catted Frontpipe/Catless Header, Axleback + Completely Catless, Stock

Restore Coldstart

No, Yes

Add Sticker?

No, Yes – Large Box Logo (+$5.00 Free Shipping), Yes – Large Purple Rain (+$5.00 Free Shipping), Yes – Regular Holographic Box Logo (+5.00 Free Shipping)

2 reviews for BRZ/FRS/GT86 Crawford Power Block Open Flash Tablet Tune

  1. gregorybodish15 (verified owner)

    Quick service.Great tune.Opened up my FRS to get the most out of the CPB’s.Highly recommended.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Perfect tune and service, exactly what I was looking for! Worked exactly the way it was supposed too, and opened up the powerband my FRS. Highly recommended.

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