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Please note: Due to personal reasons, files are taking longer than usual to be sent. Your order may take up to 5 days to be sent. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

BRZ/FRS/GT86 OpenFlash Tablet Custom Tune

(65 customer reviews)

Tunes are only available for the ft86 platform at this time.

Want to customize your Open Flash Tablet tune but don’t want to deal with the hassles of setup and modification? With our Open Flash Tablet custom tune service, you’ll receive a tune file modified to your exact request.. All for one super low price! Simply select the changes you’d like made above and within one day you’ll receive your modified tune file via email.


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Simply select your desired changes from the menu and your tune will be in your inbox typically within 24 hours (be sure to check your spam/junk if you don’t see it).

Knowledge | 諝

Info you might need for the process.

Finding your CAL ID

Using OpenFlash Manager



(65 customer reviews)

Want to change a few simple things with your Open Flash Tablet tune but don’t want to deal with the hassles of setup and modification? With our Open Flash Tablet custom tune service, you’ll receive a tune file modified to your exact request.. All for one super low price! Simply select the changes you’d like made above and within one day you’ll receive your modified tune file via email.

Need to scale the MAF for an aftermarket intake? Click here.

Don’t know where to find your CAL ID? Click here.

By purchasing the tune you agree to have read and understand our terms of service.

Additional information

Tune Stage

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2+, Stage 2+ E85

Pop Tune

No, Yes

Launch Control Limit

2000RPM, 2500RPM, 3000RPM, 3500RPM, 4000RPM, 4500RPM, 5000RPM, Automatic Transmission, Disable Launch Control, No Change

Launch Control Disable Speed

3 MPH, 4 MPH, 5 MPH, 6 MPH, 7 MPH, 8 MPH, 9 MPH, Automatic Transmission, No Change

Restore Coldstart

No, Yes (+$2.00)

Exhaust Setup

Axleback + Catless Frontpipe + Catless Header, Axleback + Catless Frontpipe + Catted Header, Axleback + Catless Frontpipe + Stock Header, Axleback + Stock Frontpipe + Catless Header, Axleback + Stock Frontpipe + Catted Header, Axleback, Stock

Add Sticker?

No, Yes – Large Box Logo (+$5.00 Free Shipping US ONLY), Yes – Large Purple Rain (+$5.00 Free Shipping US ONLY), Yes – Regular Holographic Box Logo (+$5.00 Free Shipping US ONLY)

Add LED Kit?

No, Yes! (+$20) Save $5

65 reviews for BRZ/FRS/GT86 OpenFlash Tablet Custom Tune

  1. Pedro Vera (verified owner)

    Just ordered my custom stage 2+ E85 tune and it was delivered very quickly, also received a complimentary stage 2+ tune with regular gas! Great service and fast response times would highly recommend!

  2. Miguel Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This tune is so dope!! all the pops you want comes in this tune haha. Huge shoutout to tyler from the degenerate motoring team who helped me every step of the way and found the solutions to some problems that i had. fast reply. awesome customer service.

  3. Saif Khan (verified owner)

    Great service, really nice guy and made it easy to install, the tune was just what I’m looking for with the pops and on e85. Also didn’t have to go through the hassle of doing it myself easily worth the money!

  4. Brandon (verified owner)

    Very good. 100/10 would get again. Very quick reply and unparalleled service by going in depth on how to install and how to save onto the oft

  5. Eli (verified owner)

    Great tune. Delivered really fast. Great customer service.

  6. jesus aguirre (verified owner)

    super easy just save file and upload to your oft thank you man and very quick on creating the tune and sending it super quick.

  7. Nelsonquintanilla (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and it work very well..

  8. Phillip Huynh (verified owner)

    This tune is great! All the backfire and pops you want. Literally purchased a tune and I received it within a couple of hours along with a free tune for e85. Definitely worth it!

  9. pham.gt86 (verified owner)

    Tyler is awesome! everything was fast and also detailed as well.

  10. Thejburrito (verified owner)

    Fast and easy! Well detailed instructions. Best 5 bucks I’ve ever spent.

  11. Brandon @86bvm (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, Tyler is very friendly, got detailed instructions on how to use the the tune and got a free e85 tune, worth the $5 definitely recommend to anyone who isn’t comfortable messing with the tunes themselves.

  12. Corey Gomez (verified owner)

    Tyler was Great and Easy to contact. Tune works Great

  13. gregorybodish15 (verified owner)

    Very fast service.Tune works well.Will definitely be working with Tyler on a custom tune for my set up soon

  14. mario (verified owner)

    Fast and easy, 10/10 would buy again

  15. Thomas Koch (verified owner)

    His videos have been helpful and felt so relieved when I noticed I could purchase custom tunes from him as ROMRaider sketches me out! Fast and helpful! Will continue to do business as my build evolves!

  16. Mina (verified owner)

    Great tune !!!

  17. bigog

    Cool product.

  18. Andrew (verified owner)

    By far the best $5 I’ve ever spent, coupled with my catless exhaust the car shoots flames and backfires like crazy and feels faster than before, super easy install and great customer service, I would highly recommend to any friend with an 86

  19. MPH (verified owner)

    100% worth the money, and Tyler is great

  20. Anthony (verified owner)

    This tune has been amazing I was bit skeptical if it was going to work but he got back to me same day with the tune ready to be downloaded onto the oft I’ve been having a blast using my burble tune and launch control will be getting my uel headers in a couple days and I’m going to get a stage 2 uel header tune from him!!!

    100% recommend

  21. Tomas Mendez (verified owner)

    Amazing! Super easy to install and sounds great.

  22. Justin (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and quick to reply when contacted. Thanks again!

  23. Jonathan Yath

    Got my pop tune in a day !! Flash my car and I am super happy!! Pops and bang so loud!! Other people give me thumbs up!!! Definitely going to buy another tune from him. He tells you step by step process!!

  24. Jonathan Yath

    Speechless!! Pops like crazy and super fast getting the tune!! Will get another one from him! He explains step by step process !!

  25. Nick A. (verified owner)

    Came in less than 24 hours. Directions were crisp and straightforward but i didn’t really need them cause it’s common sense lol but overall 5 stars??

  26. Kevin Deo (verified owner)

    Im always iffy about trusting people with my car, especially when its to do with the ecu after everything you hear, but these guys are amazing, go exactly what i wanted in only a matter of a few mins. Thanks a million!!

  27. devaun sims (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service. My CaliD was not on the website and they had it added within a day! Got my tune the next day on the weekend even. Made me one happy man 10/10 would recommend.

  28. Tim Shin (verified owner)

    Fast turnaround time! Great communication! Delivered the tune, downloaded it to my tablet and couldn’t be any happier! Came exactly how I ordered! Top notch service, and reliability!

  29. Caleb (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery and definitely prefer over my (stock stage 1 tune) on the oft . Can’t get over how good those pops and bangs sound

  30. Alec Schenck (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical at first but it is actually a very good tune. He had it back to me in 12 hours on a Sunday. Very impressed!

  31. Mike J (verified owner)

    Very responsive and Tune is great.Got my tune really fast and ver detailed on instructions Thank you Tyler

  32. Ryan (verified owner)

    Honestly, wanted to get the backfire tune for the car, but was kind of sketched out about using RomRaider myself, having no knowledge about it. Found this, asked for the tune, got it in 1 hour, and exceeds expectations by a mile. Easily worth 10x what they sell the tune(s) for. Couldn’t be happier, thank you so much Tyler.

  33. Boki Safayev (verified owner)

    Great service. I was little sketched cause I never heard about this website but it has PayPal checkout which makes me trust. I order my tune at 11 pm and received next morning in less than 12 hours. I’m soo happy with the tune I got

  34. michael (verified owner)

    Got my tune file with in 30 mins of ordering! Amazing customer service for a killer price. Can’t wait to flash the pop corn tune. Highly recommend degenerate motoring ??

  35. Chandler (verified owner)

    Great plug and play

  36. landon aucoin (verified owner)

    Awesome Dude and awesome tunes!

  37. Nathan Standing (verified owner)

    Wanted a pop tune without having to go into rom raider myself. Best money I’ve ever spent. Loaded it on the car and minutes later I was poping the whole way down the street. Super happy with the product would definitely recommend

  38. Dave

    Well worth every penny! The off the shelf tunes are fine but to get the MAF scaling (new CAI) and add pop tunes, I wasn’t interested or willing to mess with Rom Raider. Tyler is great and took the time to finely tune things until it was running great. Excellent communication, great price, exceptional service and one more very happy customer. Thanks

  39. Eric D. (verified owner)

    Best BANG for your buck. If you want to save yourself the hassle of tuning yourself then this right here is perfect. I ordered a pop tune for my catless FRS and when I tell you this thing POPS, I mean it. My car now shoots flames. Highly recommend!

  40. Brandon (verified owner)

    Crazy fast service and amazing tune!

  41. T Hendry (verified owner)

    Too good. I attempted using rom raider myself and it was too confusing , glad I got this. I had slight pops from my regular old stage 2 e85, but this tune enhanced it tremendously. Lots of broken necks and smiles per gallon !

  42. Andres

    Great service! Very helpful highly recommend, the tune is awesome and it pops really nice.

  43. Dominic

    Tyler is the man , had some questions and he had the answers and was very generous with his tuning . Knowledgeable and the prices can’t be beat

  44. Eli Sanchez (verified owner)

    Like some of y’all, yall want a a tune but are scared to do it. I came here and Tyler helped me out big time. Amazing communication and easy instructions I would 100% recommend and I’m gonna be back for another soon. Thank you Tyler!!

  45. Kerlin G (verified owner)

    I love this tune?? highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  46. Brian Mejia (verified owner)

    Amazing tune ????? highly recommend if you want to really enjoy your 86/BRZ/FRS

  47. Jr Valenzuela (verified owner)

    I love this tune you can hear the pops and bangs just what I needed in my frs. i do recommend if you don’t to do it yourself.

  48. Sam

    Great service awesome tune done well Tyler!! 🙂

  49. Jaylyn Llewellyn (verified owner)

    This tune was very good it was exactly what I wanted and sounds amazing! Highly recommended

  50. Ramiro Cruz

    The tune is perfect I love it. Sounds so good even with my cats. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Thank you so much

  51. Blake (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing work. I started at stage one when I first got oft, loved it. Going stage 2+ tonight and can’t be more excited. Awesome guy to work with!!

  52. Joshue Narvaez (verified owner)

    Love it ! I recommend for the prices the pops and nice too it’s not over whelming

  53. Clif Mitchell (verified owner)

    Awesome tune! Easy and great price. I’ll be coming back when I do some more modifications

  54. Faizan Ahmed (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing tunes! Never disappoints! I love these tunes.

  55. Joshua Delgado (verified owner)

    The free downloadable ots tunes on Openflash’s website weren’t working so I googled for the download links and came across degenerate’s website. I bought the stage 1 tune with pops and bangs and tuned my Toyota 86 and it runs so much smoother. The pops are so loud with my setup. It took less than 2 days for them to make my tune! Once it was ready, they emailed me the tune and I was able to quickly download it and upload it to my tablet just like that. These guys are awesome and you won’t go wrong if you buy a tune from them! Thanks Degenerate Motoring!!!

  56. Elder De Leon (verified owner)

    Everything went great! Didn’t have to go through the hassle of making my custom tune with Rom Raider since it was sort of confusing to me.
    I loved the pop on my car, definitely recommend ordering.

  57. Josh D (verified owner)

    I have been using his tunes ever since I got my car and it’s been nothing but smiles and lots of fun!! I recently installed headers and an overpipe so I ordered another tune, this time stage 2 with pops and bangs!! Thanks Tyler!!

  58. Moses osuna (verified owner)

    Took longer to get but totally understand it gets busy being a tuner but I’m happy with my pop tune!!!

  59. Josh H (verified owner)

    The tune was perfect! pops make the driving experience 10x more fun.

  60. Jameson Nation (verified owner)

    Ordered a stage 2 tune. Works amazing plenty of pops when you find the sweet spot. Currently running catted headers and catback exhaust. Great work would recommend.

  61. Jasper (verified owner)

    Took a little longer than usual to get the tune but perfect nonetheless! Perfect amount of popping and instructions were clear. 100% Recommend Degenerate Motoring’s tunes.

  62. Tyler Ellinger

    Extremely pleased with my tune, sounds and runs great and its good peace of mind knowing its done properly rather than me just sorta sending it. It says a few days wait time but it was still faster than other tuners ive worked with. Overall very satisfied and would recommend.

  63. Travis (verified owner)

    Love the tunes. Easily achievable and affordable pops and bangs.

  64. Joel Perfecto

    Thanks for the tune!

  65. Tommy (verified owner)

    Tune came out great. Took alittle while, but enjoyed it none the less. Would definitely be buying a tune again.

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